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HP iPAQ HX2490C Series Pocket PC

For more information go to http://tiger.tv/more_info/?841. The versatile HP iPAQ HX2490C Pocket PC delivers performance, connectivity, and enhanced security to suit your business and personal needs. Extended product lifecycle and common accessories means assured product availability and a better TCO for businesses. The HX2490C includes Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b), Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology for wireless communication with other Bluetooth devices, Serial IR provides you with an easy method of exchanging data between Serial IR enabled devices. It also includes enhanced security protection with HP ProtectTools software secured by Credent Technologies.

HP iPAQ RX1955: The 2005 Windows Pocket PC Experience

Revisiting my first PDA that I bought in my college days! Word processing, MP3 and WMV playback, and internet access over wi-fi all in one handheld device, wooow. And hey, it's not a bad gaming device either.

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All Is Good Again 2, Relaxation Station

● Here's a download for the RX1950-series CD:
LGR : If anyone needs the RX1950-series software disc, here's an archive for ya:
Van Darkholme : My uncle had something like this and I had pretty good memory playing insaniquarium and rom games on it
daichai : you should review a most powerful modern day mobile pc and show how good it is at different tasks
Digi Draw : I don't know that at the time I born there are such cool gadgets.
I really want to use this gadgets.
hj3 s : sooo many memories i had this phone when i was 11
game info guy 8812 : I have one 1 lol
Death Death Revolution : you think playing mario on that is bad than use a calculator
praystation : 2005? That's quite lame. I had htc tytn in 2005.
Craig Matthews : My first PDA was a Psion, always appreciated a keyboard after that though the Dell Axim X30 was a beauty to use
GP33 : At my school pda is personal display of affection. Well then again ISS is in school suspension.

Hand Held HP iPAQ 6945

Apesar do browser ruim para este formato de tela, o iPAD 6945 traz wi-fi e Sistema Operacional Windows Mobile.
Otto Bg : isso agora parece ser um item de colecionador
Lorenzo Seixas : "Para quem tem o dúvidoso gosto de andar com o aparelho pendurado na cintura" hahaha
Genial. Imagina só; 2004-2007 esse aparelho foi lançado, era símbolo do trabalhador corporativo que liga pro seu status, no auge dos ricos, e ainda devia ter gente querendo expôr ele pra ser roubado.
bANDynamiTe : I have an IPAQ 6915 but I'm unable to find any windowsmobile downloads for it
Buscapé : Sorry mate,
only Portuguese available so far.


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