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Time To Say GOODBYE To The Dell XPS

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It's time to retire the Dell XPS 15....... and replacing it with the NEW Dell XPS 15!

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ShortCircuit : AUDIO NOTE: After this video I had a call with Dell's audio engineers to figure out why the new XPS 15 sounded so much better. After troubleshooting Waves MaxxAudio the differences in sound between the three laptops is a lot less striking, although the new XPS 15 still sounds the best (there has been some software tuning since the first gen, and there are going to be some small differences between the 15 and 17 due to different chassis).

Waves is directly integrated into the audio drivers, so whatever EQ or profile you have enabled when it gets uninstalled is what you'll continue to have, the program is just a GUI to change those settings. My issue was that the headphone processing would reenabling itself after a Dell update, so when I disabled it in the GUI and uninstalled Waves my problem was solved (essentially freezing my settings). If I'd had some funky EQ enabled when I uninstalled Waves it would have been terrible. Dell are now working with Waves to make sure the headphone EQ doesn't reenable itself, and I'm going to keep Waves installed to see if there are any more issues.

Neoxon : The only thing that can beat the XPS for Alex……is the XPS.
Joey Keilholz : Good to see Dell listening to user feedback and switching from Intel to Intel.
McKay Reed Moore : I love how they sent them over so alex would get the OLED screen and alex just said no
Leader Games06 : Finally, I thought Alex was going to marry that thing.

Dell XPS 13 Plus: Is that a… touch bar?

Dell’s new XPS 13 Plus launched today, with a starting price of $1,199. It looks similar to the previous XPS 13 on the outside — but open it up, and you’ll find a new haptic touchpad, a depressed keyboard, and a “capacitive touch function row” that is, according to Dell, totally not a touch bar. There are new processors, better speakers, and an OLED display option. We’ll find out how well this new package works when the device launches worldwide in the spring.

Correction: You can find The Verge's Monica Chin on Twitter at @mcsquared96

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The Verge : What do you think about Dell adding the touch bar?
Taylor James : “depressed keyboard” - finally, a laptop I can relate to
SK : Apple: Removes the touch bar after five years of trying and failing
Everyone: Good Riddance!
Dell: Presenting the "capacitive touch function row" (definitely not a touch bar!)
Thaddeus Gros : didn't think someone could make the Touch Bar concept worse....
Joeri Sebrechts : I can’t even imagine why they would prototype this, let alone ship it. That capacitive function row has the same problems the touch bar did, but lacks its flexibility, so it is indeed not a touch bar but worse. They key spacing is so narrow that you won’t be able to feel for key edges, making it hard to type blind. The invisible trackpad will be hard to find leading to many misses. And they didn’t fix the stuff people wanted fixed, like the 720p webcam and the lack of inverted T arrows. This is a laptop for people buying purely on looks and not intending to actually use it.

Understanding Surface Properties Using XPS

Full video and transcript: https://www.mccrone.com/mm/surface-properties-using-xps/
More XPS video: https://www.mccrone.com/equipment-techniques/xps-analysis-xray-photoelectron-spectroscopy/

www.mccrone.com • Chemical reactions between solids and their environment are governed by the identities and the chemical states of the molecules found on their surfaces. In order to predict how a material will react or to understand how it has reacted to a given chemical environment, surface-sensitive analytical techniques must be utilized. One such technique is X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), also known as electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA). XPS exploits the nanometer-scale path length of electron photoemission in solids to reveal information about a sample’s surface composition and chemistry. This webinar provides a brief overview of the underlying theory of XPS and demonstrates a variety of analyses that can be performed using the technique, including compositional depth profiling and chemical state characterization using our ThermoFisher Scientific NEXSA instrument.

NOTE: This is a revised video. The original (
) had poor audio quality.
Hamed Ch. : Perfection!
Hooke College of Applied Sciences : Thank you, Hamed.




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