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비스타블렛 펜패드 VTP645 R3 설치&후기

비스타블렛 펜패드 VTP645 R3입니다
가격은 보통 4~5만정도...
추천 \u0026즐찾\u0026구독 부탁드립니다~~!! 헿...
-비스타 홈페이지-

VisTablet review

VisTablet® PenPad® review\r
sorry for the audio quality, long story

Vistablet vt12 Drawing Tablet Review

A a drawing tablet that was broken in the box the day i purchased it. Had make a two hour trip to return it to the store I purchased it. The hovering would not work. It was a shame because it looked like nice budget tablet. It's 10x6 drawing area and cheap price might be tempting. Just make sure you hold on to your receipt.




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