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00:00 ✨ intro ✨
00:59 Statement Coats
03:04 Bomber Jackets
03:40 White Tank Top/Basics
05:20 Sheer
06:24 Neck Ties
06:56 Horse Girl
07:48 Knee High Boots
08:28 Corset Tops/Corset Waist Details
09:51 Caramel Tones
11:03 Shiny Metallic Shoes
11:42 Future Leaning Sunglasses
12:32 Maxi Skirts \u0026 Dresses
13:20 Head to Toe Leather
15:25 Ballet Flats with embellishments \u0026 frilly socks/tights
16:17 Tie Front Cardigan
16:46 ❤️ Outro ❤️
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Kyra Thompson : Would you ever consider doing like a “what I would wear to work as a ___” video?? I’m a teacher and would love to see your take on teacher outfits, business attire, etc.!
Amber_ SW : I'm so excited for ties to become trendy ... even though I literally had a school uniform only until last yr I bloody love the preppy/grunge style
myrrhsense : You saying basics might be trendy again makes me so happy! I'm really into basics and simple colours as they're easy to combine, but I've been struggling so much to find them anywhere!
Ervin's Movie Corner : A stunning fall fashion trends, Alexa! BTW, Sailor Moon is the show that you’ve watched this time!❤️❤️
DomesticallyNerdy : I have been stuck in cottagecore/vintage linens/dark academia/grandmacore for years and years now and I don't think I can ever get into any other trends again. This is just my vibe now!


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What I’m Wearing:
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Dior bracelet - https://bit.ly/3SIaBiO
White scalloped dress - https://bit.ly/3P9hSF8

Eres seersucker maxi dress - https://bit.ly/3BPA3wQ

Zimmermann Skirt - https://bit.ly/3OmWXOx
Aquazurra mules - https://bit.ly/3JyvJ6V
Cartier watch (similar) - https://bit.ly/3Qli9pK
Givenchy tote - https://bit.ly/3PYtc8h
Square neck tank (similar) - https://bit.ly/3Sz8M7s

Heatless curler - https://bit.ly/3LJuoLd
Amazon heatless curler - https://amzn.to/3h4EV5k

Wild Nutrition - https://bit.ly/2X0bmWt [USE CODE JOSIE25 FOR 25% OFF - until end of August]
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Charlotte Tilbury Sexy Sienna - https://bit.ly/3p1fztq

Aveda treatment foam - https://bit.ly/3PrRLud [USE CODE JOSIE FOR 20% OFF]

Castaner sandals - https://bit.ly/3Jzoz2j
Manebi espadrilles - https://bit.ly/3vLKGwx
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Net-A-Porter Haul:
Eres bikini - https://bit.ly/3zHj390
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Givenchy tote - https://bit.ly/3PYtc8h
Saint Laurent tote - https://bit.ly/3OZ7DDq
Eres seersucker maxi dress - https://bit.ly/3BPA3wQ
Eres pom-pom dress - https://bit.ly/3vM78pw

Origins Ginzing mask - https://bit.ly/3JBoomY
Origins tinted moisturiser - https://bit.ly/3SxxtRL
Origins serum - https://bit.ly/3Q6OwIW
Origins eye cream - https://bit.ly/3p0qByR
Origins cleanser - https://bit.ly/3oZ6X6e

Waterhouse Young Clinic - https://bit.ly/3A3BEOf [USE CODE JOSIE30 FOR 30% OFF]

Tom Crawford-Clarke - https://bit.ly/3JE7zYs

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Noble Macmillan album - https://bit.ly/3PRb6pf

Heated rollers - https://amzn.to/3OXvbcb

Doughnut Time - https://bit.ly/3A4H9Mk

00:00 - Intro
02:47 - GRWM \u0026 New Shoes
09:25 - Net-A-Porter Haul
19:20 - Origins Delivery
24:10 - London Trip
37:36 - In The Greenhouse \u0026 Gardening
46:15 - Kitchen Garden Dinner
47:11 - London Trip

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Jas O : Love your smile and the way your teeth positioning makes you talk. There’s something so unique and endearing about you. Weirdly enough, It’s actually one of the reasons I’m drawn to watching your videos. I’m sure a lot of us women have a thing or two about our appearances that we wish would be different, but in most cases, those very imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful in the eyes of others. You are truly beautiful to me and I’m sure, to all of your viewers. ❤️
Lynda Rieder : I got 4 teeth pulled in my 40’s when I had braces put on for the extreme overbite and I can tell you it was the BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF! The results were spectacular and well worth the inconvenience. Do it!
LadyAshe PhD : Josie, Your smile is already perfect. Do not let the dentist pull any teeth. I have several baby teeth and I just thank god for what I have . Your perfect the way you are.
Heide ASMR✨ : You are such a beautiful soul Josie, I am actually your silent follower it's my first time to comment I just want you to know that I followed you for quite a while, and I can't stop watching you, you are timeless, so feminine with loads of elegance. Those are your 3 favorite words, that symbolize you truly.
Susan Vanduyn : Oh my goodness Josie the entire vlog was wonderful but the ending was truly joyful.

You aren’t one to stand on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make life happen.


July has come and gone and was filled with a yet more fashion moments that must be discussed! From Kylie Jenner's private jet and climate change scandals, done in horrible outfits might I add, to the release of Beyoncé much anticipated album Renaissance Act I to Brad Pitt's rather "controversial" skirt wearing on the red carpet.

0:00 Intro
1:01 Adele - Schiaparelli
2:14 Andrew Garfield - Valentino
3:32 Anne Hathaway - Valentino
5:42 Beyoncé - Alaïa (1)
7:35 Beyoncé - Schiaparelli
8:48 Billie Eilish - Peter Do
10:58 Brad Pitt - Hans Nicholas Mott
13:09 Dua Lipa - Bottega Veneta
14:28 Emma Chamberlain - Louis Vuitton
16:00 Emma Watson - Schiaparelli
17:26 Gigi Hadid - Self-Portrait
18:39 Hunter Schafer - Schiaparelli
21:10 Kim Kardashian - Schiaparelli
22:41 Kylie Jenner - Alexander Wang
24:10 Lizzo - Balenciaga
26:48 Rita Ora - Schiaparelli
27:16 Ryan Gosling - Gucci
27:58 Selena Gomez - Alaïa
28:45 Tessa Thompson - Oscar de la Renta
29:26 Yara Shahidi - Valentino

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Victoria McNally : What I still don’t understand is why rich celebs like Kylie and cardi b still wear fast fashion like fashionova. You’re choosing to contribute to fashion pollution when you have the money to wear ethical clothing??
KaTaRa : Thanks for that comment about Asian countries. Men have been wearing skirts and skirt like garments or even gasp what other regions might categorize as dresses in our countries for centuries. Like people always forget about how normal it is even now in some countries despite the westernization of clothing. And those men are still men like you said and moreover considered masculine by the larger society.
Austin Renner : The sheer amount of knowledge you have and can call on never fails to astound me. Also, the snowflake comment was totally spot on and actually made me lol
Cinema OCD : Those Valentino platforms are amazing. I love the theatricality of them. Couldn't wear them in a million years, but I appreciate that people are willing to endure them for a red carpet moment. Ryan Gosling character dressing as a Ken doll is my new favorite thing.
Nameless : The "it's a skirt, calm down... Snowflake" got me so good hahah




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